4′-Iodo-4′-deoxydoxorubicin is a doxorubicin (DXR) analogue with greater lipophilicity and reduced basicity of the amino group. In vitro 4′-iodo-4′-deoxydoxorubicin is more cytotoxic than DXR against a panel of human and murine cell lines and is characterized by a higher and faster uptake. In vivo, the spectrum of activity of 4′-iodo-4′-deoxydoxorubicin is comparable to that of DXR, but the new compound has higher activity against murine P388 leukemia resistant to DXR and against pulmonary metastases from Lewis lung carcinoma. Moreover, the new analogue exhibits antitumor activity also after p.o. administration and shows no cardiotoxicity in experimental systems.

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