Four new human non-small cell lung cancer cell lines have been established in vitro. These cell lines have been characterized by (a) growth of a tumor in nude mice with histopathology similar to that of the primary, (b) isoenzyme patterns phenotypically human and distinct from each other, (c) distinguishing karyotypic findings, (d) growth rate determinations, and (e) presence of epidermal growth factor receptors. Each of the cell lines will form colonies when directly seeded into a flask without soft agar. The development and availability of the four cell lines may facilitate in vitro studies of the biology of this common cancer. Their clonogenic potential may be of value in the study of sensitivity to antineoplastic agents. Their low passage level may mean that their antigens still resemble those of the primary tumor.


Cell characterization by isozymic and chromosomal analysis was performed under National Cancer Institute Contract NO1-CP-21017 with the Children's Hospital, Detroit, MI.

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