We compared antiestrogen therapy (tamoxifen) with an estrogen suppression regimen (aminoglutethimide-hydrocortisone) in postmenopausal women with metastatic breast carcinoma. Fifteen of 39 patients (38%) who received tamoxifen experienced an objective tumor regression (3 complete, 12 partial remissions), whereas 13 of 36 women (36% receiving aminoglutethimide responded (one complete remission, 12 partial remissions). The median duration of response was similar. The site of tumor involvement appears to be important in choosing between these hormonal treatments. Aminoglutethimide appears to offer a greater chance of response in patients with bone involvement.


Presented at the Conference “Aromatase: New Perspectives for Breast Cancer,” December 6 to 9, 1981, Key Biscayne, Fla. Work supported in part by Contract NO1-CB-53851 from the National Cancer Institute.

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