The differential expression of surface antigens on L1210 leukemia DBA/2 and drug-resistant L1210 sublines was investigated. In direct cytotoxic test, the anti-L1210/v alloantiserum reacted more strongly with subline cells than with parental cells. Absorption of the antiserum with Gross cellular surface antigen-positive AKR leukemia (AKSL-4) cells led to a much greater difference in this reactivity. Quantitative absorption experiments revealed that the drug-resistant sublines had 5 times higher absorption capacity than did the parental line. After complete absorption of antibodies against murine leukemia virus-related antigens, the anti-L1210/v alloantiserum still reacted with L1210 cells. This cytotoxicity could be removed after absorption with C3H mammary tumor (MAC-1) cells but not with normal C3H lymphocytes.

These results provide evidence that the major cytotoxic activity of the antiserum against L1210 and L1210 subline cells was due to antibodies against murine mammary tumor virusrelated antigen and that the drug-resistant sublines of leukemia L1210 have higher quantitative expression of mammary leukemia antigens.


This work was supported by the Polish National Cancer Program PR-6/11.

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