Several in vitro phenotypic characteristics frequently associated with neoplastic cells were examined in a series of spontaneous and benzo(a)pyrene-induced Syrian hamster clonal cell lines which differed in their degree of tumorigenicity. Nonparametric statistical analysis demonstrated cloning efficiency in semisolid agar, enhanced fibrinolytic activity, decreased serum requirement for growth, decreased organization of intracellular actin, and increased cloning efficiency in liquid medium to be correlated with tumorigenicity. These correlations were not only qualitative but also quantitative. This suggests that the factors determining the degree of tumorigenicity of a cell can be cellular growth properties.


This research is supported in part by Contract N01-CP 55713 and Grant P01-CA16043-04 from the National Cancer Institute and on Contract EY-76-S-02-3280 from the Department of Energy.

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