Administration of hematoporphyrin derivative i.v. followed by local exposure to red light has resulted in complete or partial response in 111 of 113 cutaneous or s.c. malignant lesions. Tumors treated have included carcinomas of the breast, colon, prostate, squamous cell, basal cell, and endometrium; malignant melanoma; mycosis fungoides; chondrosarcoma; and angiosarcoma. No type has been found to be unresponsive. In several cases complete clearing of chest wall metastatis has been achieved in treated areas. Deep-seated and pigmented tumors required a higher dose of drug for effective treatment than did the more superficial and nonpigmented lesions. A high therapeutic ratio between tumor and skin response has been obtained by allowing at least 3 days between drug injection and exposure to the therapeutic light for 2.5-mg/kg doses and at least a 4-day interval for 5.0-mg/kg doses.


Supported in part by NIH Grants CA 16717 and 17609.

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