Intratumoral administration of Corynebacterium parvum to 13762A tumor-bearing rats on Day 7 of tumor growth, followed by primary tumor excision on Day 20, regularly cured about 40% of the animals and significantly prolonged survival in the remainder. Rats treated by surgery alone on either Day 7 or Day 20 died with metastases to axillary lymph nodes and lungs. Tumor was established in axillary lymph nodes by Day 7. Therefore, intratumoral injection of C. parvum on Day 7 destroyed metastases already established at this site. Growth of tumor in axillary nodes of rats treated but not cured by C. parvum was significantly slower than growth in untreated rats.


Supported by National Cancer Institute Contract N01-CB-33891, Grant P30-CA-18450, and by the Jake Gittlen Memorial Golf Tournament.

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