Absorption studies demonstrate that T-cell lymphom-associated antigens detected by rabbit antisera to human T-lymphoblast cell lines are present in suspensions of cord blood lymphocytes and phytohemagglutinin-stimulated adult blood lymphocytes in amounts similar to those found in T-cell lymphoma tumor cell suspensions. Smaller amounts of antigen activity are found in suspensions of tonsil cells, thymocytes, and unstimulated adult blood lymphocytes. Little or no antigen activity is found in suspensions of lymphoblasts from patients with other types of leukemia or from B-cell lines. T-cell depletion removes antigen activity from suspensions of normal lymphocytes. These findings suggest that T-cell lymphoma-associated antigens may be fetal antigens expressed by activated T-cells.


This work was supported by USPHS Grants CA-17534 and RR-05732, by Virus Cancer Program Grant 1-CP-33333, and by The Kales Fund.

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