The effects of gonadectomy on tumors induced transplacentally by the ethylnitrosourea precursors, ethylurea and sodium nitrite, were investigated in hamsters. The pregnant hamsters were exposed to four daily doses of ethylurea (100 mg/kg) and sodium nitrite (50 mg/kg) administered from Day 12 to 15 of pregnancy. Weaned offspring were gonadectomized when they reached the age of 5 weeks.

Orchiectomized male progeny showed a multiplicity and greater frequency of peripheral nervous system tumors and of any other tumor types than did intact males or their ovariectomized and intact female siblings. The possible inhibitory effects of endogenous androgens on the development and growth of neurogenic tumors in the peripheral nervous system and the influence of an induced endocrinal imbalance on prenatally induced neoplasms are discussed.


Supported by USPHS Contract NO1 CP33278 from the National Cancer Institute, NIH.

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