In mice bearing Ehrlich ascites tumors, alkaline phosphatase activity was increased fivefold in the liver and by 50% in the kidney. In mice bearing solid tumors caused by inoculation of tumor cells into the axillary region, the activity of this enzyme in the liver was increased 11-fold, whereas the activity in the kidney did not change. Alkaline phosphatase activities in the liver and kidney were not altered by administration of adrenal steroids. Adrenalectomy, fasting, and pregnancy did not affect the activity of alkaline phosphatase in the liver and kidney.

Treatment with tumor extracts or ascites fluid of normal mice increased liver alkaline phosphatase activity.

These findings suggested that the elevation of liver alkaline phosphatase activity was caused primarily by the tumor itself, and not by hormonal imbalance provoked secondarily by the presence of the tumor.

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