Inbred 129/Sv mice were resistant to inoculation of teratocarcinoma cells when preimmunized with (129-teratocarcinoma × C3H L-cell) somatic cell hybrids obtained by fusion with UV-inactivated Sendai virus. Resistance of DBA/2 mice to the highly malignant L1210 leukemia was also obtained by the use of (L1210 × C3H L-cell) hybrids. That this resistance was specific was suggested by regular takes of L1210 cell challenge in all DBA/2 mice immunized against different tumor cells unrelated to L1210. These experiments indicate the existence of teratocarcinoma- and L1210 leukemia-specific antigens in their respective hybrids, even when hybrids do not produce tumors in compatible F1 mice.

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