Mycophenolic acid completely inhibited the growth of the Mecca lymphosarcoma and of the solid and ascites forms of Walker carcinosarcoma 256. The Gardner lymphosarcoma, C3H mammary carcinoma, adenocarcinoma 755, Ridgeway osteogenic sarcoma, X5563 plasma cell myeloma, and the Shionogi androgen-dependent mammary carcinoma 115 showed moderate response to mycophenolic acid. The L1210, C1498, and other murine leukemias and ascites were not inhibited.

Mycophenolic acid or its monosodium salt was active against the Mecca lymphosarcoma when administered via the p.o., i.m., or i.p. route. The sodium salt was active when given i.v. A few phenolic ester and carbamate derivatives of mycophenolic acid inhibited the growth of the lymphosarcoma.

When mycophenolic acid was administered i.p. or p.o. to mice bearing well-developed Mecca or Gardner lymphosarcomas, these tumors regressed. The combination of mycophenolic acid with either radiation or cyclophosphamide showed a synergistic antitumor response against experimental lymphosarcomas.

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