The 4-stage Rye classification for Hodgkin's disease is not suited to all clinical situations. This system was used in the erroneous opinion that extranodal nonlymphatic disease is a manifestation of diffuse dissemination regardless of the extent of involvement (Stage IV). It will be shown that, in addition to disseminated involvement, there is a limited organ involvement which presents a localized disease that, when treated with intensive radiotherapy, has the same prognosis as a lymph node involvement of a similar extent. It should therefore be classified according to the saem system.

The clinical and radiological findings of localized and widespread organ involvement, its frequency and dependence from histology, as well as the varying treatment and prognosis, will nor be presented. Proposals are made for a revised Rye stage classification which are not only applicable to Hodgkin's disease, but also to other malignant lymphomas.

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