Hepatic cell mitotic rates were compared in Strong A mice, during the 12 days following sham or partial hepatectomy. Intrasplenic injections of either normal saline, liver homogenate, reticulum cell sarcoma, or Ehrlich ascites tumor preceded operation by 1 day. These groups were compared with noninjected, partially hepatectomized animals and nontreated controls. Tumor cell mitotic incidence was compared in sham and partially hepatectomized animals.

Mitotic indices were less than 1/1000 in nontreated controls. Similar indices occurred in saline-injected, sham-hepatectomized mice. Saline injection coupled with hepatectomy, as well as hepatectomy alone, were followed by elevated mitotic rates, reaching a peak 3 days post-hepatectomy. Return to near control levels occurred by Day 5.

Hepatocyte mitotic activity after liver homogenate injection and sham hepatectomy was slightly elevated between Days 8 and 12. A mitotic peak occurred at Day 3 in liver homogenate-injected, partially hepatectomized mice, followed by a second peak at Day 8.

Slight elevations of hepatic cell mitotic rate occurred during the second half of the experimental period in each of the tumor-injected, sham-hepatectomized groups. Peak mitotic incidence did not occur in the 2 groups of tumor-injected partially hepatectomized animals until Day 6. Mitotic rates remained elevated for the remainder of the experimental period.

Tumor cell proliferation was consistently higher in partially hepatectomized animals.


A portion of a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois, June 1965.

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