A state of relative resistance against the transplantation of isografts of leukemias induced by the Rauscher virus (RV) was developed in BALB/c and CDF1 mice by pretreatment with X-irradiated tumor cells. In mice pretreated with cells from 1 tumor, significant cross-protection was obtained for all other RV-induced tumors tested and for some tumors induced by Moloney virus, but not for leukemia L1210. Although marginal resistance was observed on a few occasions, the inoculation of infectious RV was not an efficient method of inducing transplantation resistance in BALB/c and CDF1 mice. In CDF1 mice resistance to grafts of RV-induced tumors was accompanied by resistance to challenge with RV and the presence of circulating RV neutralizing antibodies.


Presented in part at the 55th Annual Meeting, American Association for Cancer Research, Chicago, Illinois, April 9–11, 1964.

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