An attempt has been made to confirm the potentially important observation made by Posner that subcutaneous growth of Walker carcinoma 256 in rats results in defective fat absorption, as measured by the amount of I131-labeled triolein in thoracic duct lymph. Posner's results could not be confirmed. It is concluded that, under the conditions of the present experiments, growth of the Walker tumor for 3 weeks has no effect on fat absorption. This result supports the findings of Colella, Reith, and Williams that humans with malignant neoplasms absorb fat normally.

Posner used a type of restraining cage which may have led to mechanical interference of intestinal function in his rats bearing tumors in the inguinal region, whereas in the present study a cage was used which allowed more clearance for inguinal tumors. The reason for the difference in results is not known, but this difference in method of restraint seems to be the most probable explanation.


A preliminary report of this work was presented at the Fall Meetings of the American Physiological Society, 1962.

Supported by a grant from the Medical Research Foundation of Texas and by USPHS Grant No. A-5778.

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