1. Glutamic acid dehydrogenase was estimated spectrophotometrically in white blood cells from patients with acute, chronic granulocytic, and chronic lymphatic leukemias and cancer. The average values for each of these groups were similar to one another and several times higher than in white blood cells from patients without leukemia or cancer or from “normal” blood donors. Red blood cells and plasma contained no detectable glutamic acid dehydrogenase activity.

  2. Glutamic-oxalacetic acid transaminase is present in human white blood cells and plasma as determined by manometric assay. No activity was found in red blood cells.

  3. No significant differences were observed in plasma transaminase activity from patients in the classifications studied.

  4. White blood cell glutamic-oxalacetic acid transaminase levels were similar in the patients with various forms of leukemia, other diseases, and normal controls.


Supported in part by grants from the Fairchild Found., Milwaukee, Wis., and the Nutrition Found., Inc., New York, N.Y. Published with the approval of the Director of the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station.

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