1. The oxidation of succinate and of oxalacetate as added substrates in homogenates of methylcholanthrene-induced tumors in the thigh muscles of rats and in the apparently “normal” muscle surrounding the tumors has been compared with the oxidation of the same substrates in homogenates of the corresponding muscle of the opposite leg.

  2. The oxidation of both substrates was reduced in methylcholanthrene-induced tumors.

  3. The oxidation of both substrates in apparently normal muscle adjacent to methylcholanthrene-induced tumors was highly variable but was usually reduced to values between that of the tumors and that of the corresponding normal muscle of the opposite leg.


Supported by a grant from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, U.S.P.H.S., Bethesda.

Portions of this paper were presented before the American Society of Biological Chemistry in April, 1950, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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