The mast cells in experimental skin tumors of mice take up ample radiosulfur, when given intraperitoneal injections of S35 with Na2SO4 as carrier. After 13 days' treatment with cortisone, the mast cells of the tumor connective tissue took up considerably less radiosulfur. This supports previous histological findings which indicate that, when mast cells are subjected to the action of cortisone, they lose sulfomucopolysaccharide.


This work was aided by grants from Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.; the Danish Anti-Cancer League; the National Organization against Rheumatic Diseases; Mr. and Mrs. Reinholdt W. Jorck's Foundation; Merchant of Odense, Johann and Hanne Weimann, née Seedorff's Foundation; J. L. Smith's Stipend; and the National General Science Foundation.

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