1. Systematic studies on the different substituted malononitriles showed that ethoxymethylene-malononitrile of the aliphatic series had some effect on the retardation of growth of carcinoma. p-Nitrobenzal-, 5-nitrofuranal-, and 5-nitro-2-thenylidenmalononitriles retarded the growth of the transplantable carcinomas, C3H-S and E 0771 to an even greater degree.

  2. This effect is attributable to the structural properties of the particular compounds rather than to the release of cyanide at different rates. Neither sodium cyanide nor malononitrile itself showed any growth retardation on the tumors tested.

  3. The significance of the observations was statistically appraised and the results discussed.


This work was aided by grants from the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Public Health Service.

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