Liquid tumor orthotopic xenograft models were established by intra femoral injection on NCG mice using freshly prepared leukemia cells from peripheral blood (PB) or bone marrow (BM) of AML/ALL patient samples. The establishment of the orthotopic models were monitored by the flow cytometry analysis of peripheral blood of engrafted mice:CD45+/CD33+ for AML and CD45+/CD19+ for B-ALL. The double positive cells in the peripheral blood of the successfully transplanted model can reach 5-15%. Typically, it takes 120 -170 days to establish the P0 AML orthotopic model. It takes 45-60 days to establish the P0 ALL orthotopic model. Spleen from engrafted P0 mice was used for P1-P3 reconstitution of the orthotopic model. On these orthotopic models, we tested whether medicines such as etoposide, cytarabine, vincristine, ibrutinib and imatinib are sensitive. And anti-CD47 antibody was also tested on these models. NGS profiling was used to confirm the genotype of established orthotopic PDX.

Citation Format: Hongkui Chen, Lintao Bi, Shizhu Zhao, Shuai Wang, Wenqiang Huang, Josh Caggiula, Loc Van, Danyi Wen. Liquid tumor orthotopic PDX models of acute leukemia [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2022; 2022 Apr 8-13. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Res 2022;82(12_Suppl):Abstract nr 3103.