Organismal diet has a profound impact on tissue homeostasis and health in mammals. Adult stem cells mediate many aspects of tissue adaptation by balancing self-renewal and differentiation divisions to alter tissue composition in response to the environment. Because somatic stem cells may respond to organismal physiology to orchestrate tissue remodeling and some cancers are understood to arise from transformed stem cells, these findings raise the possibility that organismal diet, stem cell function, and cancer initiation are interconnected. Here I will present work from my group that describes our emerging view of how diet, metabolites and nutrient-sensing pathways instruct mammalian intestinal stem cell fate in homeostasis, adaptation to diet and diseases such as cancer.

Citation Format: Omer H. Yilmaz. Dietary Control of Stem Cells in Physiology and Disease [abstract]. In: Abstracts: AACR Special Virtual Conference on Epigenetics and Metabolism; October 15-16, 2020; 2020 Oct 15-16. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; Cancer Res 2020;80(23 Suppl):Abstract nr IA19.