Cadi-05, a novel poly TLR agonist, poly antigenic vaccine containing heat-killed Mycobacterium w (Mw) has previously been shown to be effective against bladder cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. In the current study, Mw successfully demonstrated growth inhibition of U937, HL60, p210-gfp (32D-bcr-abl transfectant) and NSF-60 myeloid leukemia cell lines in a dose-dependent manner (measured by MTT assay). A dose of >100 million Mw significantly inhibited growth in all these cell types. A combination of Etoposide and Mw increased apoptosis in U937 cells as compared to Etoposide treatment alone (measured by Annexin V staining). Mw treatment of U937 cells induced dose-dependent apoptosis (determined by PARP-cleavage). Furthermore, treatment of NSF-60 cells with GCSF protected against Mw induced cell death (measured by MTT assay). Cadi-05 is currently being examined in a clonogenic assay for normal human myeloid progenitor cells (for cytotoxicity) and acute myeloid leukemia cells from patients (for efficacy). Additional studies are being performed to examine if Mw-induced apoptosis is mediated through TLR in the myeloid leukemia cells.

98th AACR Annual Meeting-- Apr 14-18, 2007; Los Angeles, CA