A Round Table Discussion was held at the Fourth International Conference on Anticarcinogenesis and Radiation Protection. Scientists from government and academia were brought together to discuss the evidence for the preventive effect of foods, specific nutrients and drugs against cancer, and the most appropriate methods of initiating nutritional cancer prevention activities to improve the health of the public. The panel reviewed the epidemiological evidence of the role of diet and specific micronutrients for the prevention of cancer, the doses of specific micronutrients required for preventive effects and their safety, the evidence for aspirin as a chemopreventive agent, the issue of foods versus specific micronutrients in the prevention of cancer, food safety, and approaches to prevention such as food fortification or dietary supplements. The remarks of the panel members are summarized.


Presented at the 4th International Conference on Anticarcinogenesis & Radiation Protection, April 18–23, 1993, Baltimore, MD.

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