The p53 and MDM2 genes were analyzed in 24 human soft tissue sarcomas (11 malignant fibrous histiocytomas and 13 liposarcomas). Alterations of p53, consisting of point mutations, deletions, or overexpression, were detected in one-third (8 of 24) of the sarcomas. MDM2 gene amplification was detected in another 8 tumors, but no tumor contained an alteration of both genes. Monoclonal antibodies reactive with the human MDM2 gene product were developed, and immunohistochemical analysis revealed nuclear localization and overexpression of MDM2 in those tumors with amplified MDM2 genes. These data support the hypothesis that p53 and MDM2 genetic alterations are alternative mechanisms for inactivating the same regulatory pathway for suppressing cell growth.


Supported by NIH Grants GM07184, CA43460, CA35494, and CA41183.

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