Eight endogenous G1 inhibitors of the proliferation of JB-1 ascites tumor cells have been isolated and characterized. The activity of the inhibitors has been analyzed on synchronized JB-1 (murine plasmacytoma) and L1A2 (murine sarcoma) cells in vitro using flow cytometry. The purified inhibitors have been tested for in vivo activity on partially synchronized JB-1 and L1A2 ascites tumors in situ. Four of the inhibitors exhibited a high degree of cell specificity (chalone-like inhibitors) and were chemically related, whereas the other four showed no cell specificity. In most extractions, the amount of cell-specific activity is more than 50% of the total G1-inhibitory activity. Most of the inhibitors are low-molecular-weight peptides and glycopeptides.


This work was supported by the Danish Cancer Society and S. Abrahamson's Memorial Foundation.

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