Two types of virus particles, intracisternal type A and extracellular type C with budding, were detected in the same cells of BF osteosarcoma, its cultured cell lines, and their BFO tumors in CBA mice.

The type C particles were approximately 100 μm in diameter. The buoyant density of the virions was 1.16 g/ml in sucrose and 1.07 g/ml in Ficoll. A 72S RNA was demonstrated by gel electrophoresis, but no DNA was detected. Reverse transcriptase activity was also demonstrated in detergent-treated virions. Thus, the particles seem to be RNA virus.

Cellular transformation and focus formation were observed after rat and mouse embryo cell monolayers were infected with the virus. The same kind of osteosarcoma was produced by inoculation of cloned transformed cells (BFOSV) of CBA embryo cells into CBA mice. Thus, the virus seems to be an oncornavirus.


This work was partly supported by a grant from the Japanese Society for Promotion of Cancer Research (Tokyo).

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