Skin tests to various common antigens, dinitrochlorobenzene, and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) were performed on patients being treated for cutaneous neoplasms with topical 5-FU cream. Eleven of 15 patients tested both before and after therapy converted from skin test negative to positive with respect to 5-FU. This conversion correlated with positive dinitrochlorobenzene skin tests and therapeutic cure. The relation between the induction of delayed hypersensitivity reactions to 5-FU following treatment with topical 5-FU and the cure rate for cutaneous neoplasms showed a trend toward correlation.


Supported in part by the Tulane Skin Cancer Research Fund; National Cancer Institute Grants 5-PO2, CA-05837, 5-TO1, CA-05108, and CA-80807; Eustis Fund; and Women's Auxiliary of the VFW.

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