This report presents the natural history of the VX-2 carcinoma of the rabbit when implanted in bone (tibia). Tumor cells embolize about the fifth postimplant day and metastasize through the blood to the lung where cells may be identified on the tenth postimplant day; the mean survival interval is 33 days. Radiographic changes occur by the ninth postimplant day, while pathologic fracture is seen between the seventeenth and twenty-eighth days. The tumor induces elevation in the serum levels of calcium and ceruloplasmin, and depresses the serum level of phosphorus. Histologic studies suggest local hyperparathyroid-like resorption of bone about the tumor implants. The report furnishes data from which further investigations in experimental intraosseous neoplasia may be conducted.


Supported in part by a grant from the American Cancer Society, Florida Division.


Presented in part at the Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society, San Francisco, January 1967.


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