Sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich carcinoma, maintained in the ascites form, were transplanted in a varying number of cells into the brain of mice. Determination of cancer dissemination was based on the incidence of tumor growth when fragments of various organs were transplanted subcutaneously in normal mice. Animals bearing an intracerebral tumor showed two distinct phases of dissemination. An early presence of cancer cells started immediately after the transplantation, lasted several hours and decreased thereafter. After a latent period of 2–4 days there was a second increase of cancer cells in blood and lung. The dissemination of cancer cells in other tissues, its relation to the number of cells transplanted intracerebrally, and its degree in relation to the site of transplantation are reported.


This research work was supported by grants-in-aid from Euratom (Contract No. 040-65-1-BIOI) and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Contract No. 115/1134/1000).

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