Studies with 2-labeled 8-azaguanine (guanazolo) in normal and mammary adenocarcinoma-bearing mice have shown that very little of the 2-carbon atom is oxidized to carbon dioxide and exhaled, but that most of this atom is excreted in the urine. No evidence was obtained that the compound in question (or the 2-carbon therefrom) was preferentially accumulated, fixed, or incorporated in Eo771 tumors, which are known to be inhibited by 8-azaguanine.


This investigation was supported by grants from the American Cancer Society, on recommendation of the Committee on Growth; Mr. Ben May, Mobile, Alabama; and the Institute Sponsored Research Fund of Southern Research Institute. The development of a tracer scale synthesis for 8-azaguanine-2-C14 was carried out under a grant from the Isotopes Division, Atomic Energy Commission.

The authors wish to acknowledge the technical assistance of Miss Margaret Ann Newton, Miss Linda Simpson, Miss Martelia Bell, and Mrs. Juanita B. Chapman.

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