Major advances have been made in the field of precision medicine for treating cancer. However, many open questions remain that need to be answered to realize the goal of matching every patient with cancer to the most efficacious therapy. To facilitate these efforts, we have developed CellMinerCDB: National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS;, which makes available activity information for 2,675 drugs and compounds, including multiple nononcology drugs and 1,866 drugs and compounds unique to the NCATS. CellMinerCDB: NCATS comprises 183 cancer cell lines, with 72 unique to NCATS, including some from previously understudied tissues of origin. Multiple forms of data from different institutes are integrated, including single and combination drug activity, DNA copy number, methylation and mutation, transcriptome, protein levels, histone acetylation and methylation, metabolites, CRISPR, and miscellaneous signatures. Curation of cell lines and drug names enables cross-database (CDB) analyses. Comparison of the datasets is made possible by the overlap between cell lines and drugs across databases. Multiple univariate and multivariate analysis tools are built-in, including linear regression and LASSO. Examples have been presented here for the clinical topoisomerase I (TOP1) inhibitors topotecan and irinotecan/SN-38. This web application provides both substantial new data and significant pharmacogenomic integration, allowing exploration of interrelationships.


CellMinerCDB: NCATS provides activity information for 2,675 drugs in 183 cancer cell lines and analysis tools to facilitate pharmacogenomic research and to identify determinants of response.

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