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Highlights from the Literature


Research Briefs

Women diagnosed with fumarate hydratase (FH)-deficient uterine leiomyomata are at increased risk of renal cancer. This work suggests a more standardized pathology-genetic counseling referral pathway for these patients, and that research on underlying causes of FH-deficient uterine leiomyomata in the absence of germline FH pathogenic/likely pathogenic variants is needed.

In patients with three or more primary cancers, genetic predisposition explained a significant proportion of cases; however, treatment history, lifestyle habits, and other exposures appeared to play a less significant role. This highlights the value of early genetic screening and the need to develop more sensitive markers of cancer susceptibility.

Research Articles

This study emphasizes the dual impact of smoking cessation programs in patients with cancer: quitting smoking and reducing healthcare costs. It highlights the importance of integrating cessation programs into cancer prevention strategies, ensuring both individual health benefits and broader, system-wide economic efficiencies.

We developed a robust diagnostic panel for identifying patients with HBV-HCC from patients with CHB. This autoantibody panel provided superior diagnostic performance for HBV-HCC at an early stage and/or with negative AFP results. Our findings suggest that AFP and the autoantibody panel may be independent but complementary biomarkers for HBV-HCC detection.

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