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Research Briefs

Novel preventive interventions are needed to address the rising incidence of HPV+ OPC. In this feasibility study, we characterized barriers to a two-step, behavioral and biological screening program for oral oncogenic HPV infection, an intermediate outcome for HPV+ OPC.

Parental HPV vaccination and maternal regular cervical cancer screening were positively associated with parental decision to vaccinate their daughters against HPV. Parents’ perceived knowledge of HPV vaccination and perceived risk of cervical cancer play an important role in determining whether their 12-year-old daughters will be vaccinated against HPV.

Research Articles

The research work presented in this article demonstrates the chemopreventive efficacy of CN and its bioactive compounds in a rat model of premalignant prostate cancer.

This study provides evidence that endogenous estrogen-induced genotoxicity may contribute to the carcinogenesis of breast cancer in premenopausal Asian women. This work could have important preventive implication for the emerging disease in East Asia.

The administration of IL12 DNA along with a hepatitis C viral antigen DNA vaccine enhanced the HCV-specific immune responses induced by the vaccine in individuals with chronic hepatitis C, an important cause of hepatocellular carcinoma. IL12 could be an effective adjuvant in vaccines targeting HCV and other oncogenic viruses.

We examined whether NSAID use, a modifiable exposure, is associated with breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women from the Cancer Prevention Study-II with self-reported benign breast disease, an often inflammatory condition associated with higher rates of breast cancer.

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