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The present study shows that breast cancer prevention by WA in rats is associated with suppression of fatty acid synthesis.

Means to prevent development of HCC or progression of small adenomas to HCC in patients with NASH are urgently needed to reduce the growing mortality due to HCC. We characterized the chemopreventive effect of oral administration of the TLR4 inhibitor TAK-242 in a model of NASH-associated HCC.

The results of this study indicate that opium use dramatically increased the risk of liver cancer. Because opioids are increasing for medical and non-medical use globally; accordingly, severe health consequences such as liver cancer have to be investigated widely.

This study clarified the relationship between statin use and cancer risk in patients with dyslipidemia. Our study will contribute to medicine selection in patients with hypercholesterolemia level.

Bexarotene is a rexinoid that has been shown to prevent mammary tumors in mouse models but oral dosing has toxicities. This phase I study evaluates topical bexarotene, as a potential chemoprevention agent, for safety and toxicity in high-risk women for breast cancer.

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