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Melanoma prevention is an important strategy to improve outcomes and while preventive efforts have largely focused on sun protection, the role of potential chemopreventive agents such as aspirin warrants investigation.

Different sugars in SB may impact cancer differently. Compared with SB made with other types of sugar, drinks made with man-made fructose (carbonated drinks) had poorer cancer outcomes, especially in cancers impacted by obesity. Understanding how different SB affect cancer would help us target which SB to avoid.

Mammographic breast density is a strong risk factor for breast cancer. Understanding its underlying biological mechanisms could have utility in breast cancer prevention.

We describe five strategies to identify and successfully recruit a large cohort of racially/ethnically diverse high-risk women from multiple sources to a randomized controlled trial evaluating interventions to increase chemoprevention uptake. Findings could inform recruitment efforts for future breast cancer prevention trials to increase recruitment yield of high-risk women.


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