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Biology of Susceptibility and Premalignancy

Understanding the mechanisms of cancer formation and premalignant biology are essential steps for advancing precision prevention. This special collection features recent articles published in Cancer Prevention Research covering animal models, biomarkers, immune responses and molecular pathways regarding cancer susceptibility and premalignancy. Our editors consider these articles to be excellent examples of this important topic that is of primary interest to the journal and the cancer prevention research community.

Special Collection Image
Yongjian Yang; Daniel Osorio; Laurie A. Davidson; Huajun Han; Destiny A. Mullens; Arul Jayaraman; Stephen Safe; Ivan Ivanov; James J. Cai; Robert S. Chapkin
Kristin Wallace; Georges J. El Nahas; Christine Bookhout; Jessica E. Thaxton; David N. Lewin; Nana Nikolaishvili-Feinberg; Stephanie M. Cohen; J. Grant Brazeal; Elizabeth G. Hill; Jennifer D. Wu; John A. Baron; Alexander V. Alekseyenko
Masaru Miyano; Rosalyn W. Sayaman; Sundus F. Shalabi; Parijat Senapati; Jennifer C. Lopez; Brittany Lynn Angarola; Stefan Hinz; Arrianna Zirbes; Olga Anczukow; Lisa D. Yee; Mina S. Sedrak; Martha R. Stampfer; Victoria L. Seewaldt; Mark A. LaBarge
Lori D. Dwyer-Nield; Debbie G. McArthur; Meredith A. Tennis; Daniel T. Merrick; Robert L. Keith
Zhiyuan Wu; Huiying Pan; Di Liu; Di Zhou; Lixin Tao; Jie Zhang; Xiaonan Wang; Youxin Wang; Wei Wang; Xiuhua Guo
Tahseen H. Nasti; Nabiha Yusuf; Mohammad Asif Sherwani; Mohammad Athar; Laura Timares; Craig A. Elmets
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