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Read the Cancer Immunology Research Must Read Collection!

Featured Articles from the June 2017 Issue

Read the Cancer Immunology Research Must Read Collection!

The papers chosen for this special collection were published in 2016. They were selected after taking into account the online views and downloads of all 2016 papers. The articles in this collection stood out in their respective category of article type, not only through the quantity of views and downloads they received, but through the pattern of online traffic to these articles. Interest was strong and sustained, showing that these may be of substantive, rather than fleeting, importance to our readers.

Immunoncology and Immunotherapy Cross-Journal Collection:

Below is a list of recently published articles from across the AACR journals.

Evolution of neoantigen landscape during immune checkpoint blockade in non-small cell lung cancer.
Anagnostou V…Velculescu V. Cancer Discovery March 2017.

Primary resistance to PD-1 blockade mediated by JAK1/2 mutations.
Shin D…Ribas A. Cancer Discovery February 2017.

Targeted next generation sequencing identifies markers of response to PD-1 blockade.
Johnson DB…Lovly CM. Cancer Immunology Research November 2016.

Temporally-distinct PD-L1 expression by tumor and host cells contributes to immune escape.
Takuro N…Schreiber RD. Cancer Immunology Research February 2017.

VEGF neutralization plus CTLA-4 blockade alters soluble and cellular factors associated with enhancing lymphocyte infiltration and humoral recognition in melanoma.
Wu X…Hodi FS. Cancer Immunology Research October 2016.

Deep sequencing of T-cell receptor DNA as a biomarker of clonally expanded TILs in breast cancer after immunotherapy.
Page DB…McArthur HL. Cancer Immunology Research October 2016.

Differential PI3Kδ signaling in CD4+ T cell subsets enables selective targeting of T regulatory cells to enhance cancer immunotherapy.
Ahmad S…Khleif SN. Cancer Research January 2017.

Intrinsic resistance of solid tumors to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.
Zhao X…Subramanian S. Cancer Research February 2017.

In vivo fluorescence imaging of the activity of CEA TCB, a novel T-cell bispecific antibody, reveals highly specific tumor targeting and fast induction of T-cell-mediated tumor killing.
Lehmann S…Bacac M. Clinical Cancer Research September 2016.

Baseline biomarkers for outcome of melanoma patients treated with pembrolizumab.
Weide B…Wolchok JD. Clinical Cancer Research November 2016.

Phosphatidylserine sensing by TAM receptors regulates AKT-dependent chemoresistance and PD-L1 expression.
Kasikara C…Birge R. Molecular Cancer Research January 2017.

Inflammatory molecule, PSGL-1, deficiency activates macrophages to promote colorectal cancer growth through NF-kappaB signaling.
Li J…Wang L. Molecular Cancer Research January 2017.

Clinical dosing regimen of selinexor maintains normal immune homeostasis and T cell effector function in mice: implications for combination with immunotherapy.
Tyler PM…Dougan SK. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics February 2017.

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