Myocarditis is the most lethal ICI-associated adverse event (from OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology via Wikimedia Commons)

Myocarditis is a rare, often fatal, and poorly mechanistically understood adverse event associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy. Axelrod et al. find that in a mouse model of ICI-associated myocarditis—Pdcd1–/–Ctla4+/–mice—CD8+ T cells are necessary for fatal myocarditis to develop. The cardiac-infiltrating CD8+ T cells are highly clonal, with the T-cell receptors (TCR) from three clones recognizing MHC class I–presented α-myosin peptides. The clinical relevance of the data is supported by the detection of α-myosin–specific MHC class I–restricted TCRs in cardiac and skeletal muscle of patients with ICI-associated myocarditis.

Axelrod ML, …, Balko JM. Nature 2022 November 16;611:818–26.

Research is identifying new ways to enhance the antitumor activity of CAR T cells (from Alex Ritter, Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz, and Gillian Griffiths via NIH Flickr)

Many research...

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