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Journal Archive

Cancer Immunology Research (2013-Present)

(ISSN 2326-6066) Published monthly since 2013.

Cancer Immunity (2001-2013; volumes 1-13)

(EISSN 1424-9634) Published periodically from 2001-2013.


Cancer Immunology Research, launched in 2013 with Glenn Dranoff as founding Editor-in-Chief, is published by the AACR. The Journal illuminates the interplay between tumors and the immune system, with Robert D. Schreiber and Philip D. Greenberg serving as the Editors-in-Chief.

Cancer Immunity was an open access, peer-reviewed journal of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) that published laboratory and clinical research papers on the immune response to cancer until 2013. The AACR maintains the entire archive of Cancer Immunity on this web site as part of a collaboration between the CRI and the American Association for Cancer Research. Selected Cancer Immunity articles are also available as Collected Papers. CRI also promotes free access to a searchable online Peptide Database, which contains the most important and clinically relevant human tumor antigens.

Table of Contents

Cancer Immunity, an open access journal of the Cancer Research Institute




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