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Expression of the transposon protein LINE-1 ORF1p is pervasive in cancer, and the development of improved plasma ORF1p assays demonstrated highly specific pan-cancer utility with promise in early detection, monitoring, and prognostics.

A PML B-box-2 crystal structure was revealed that drives B2 trimer assembly and the positioning of a cysteine trio to create an ideal arsenic-binding pocket, with both B2 trimerization and the cysteine trio being mandatory for PML-mediated functions, including an oxidative stress response.

Metabolic support, in the form of formate supplementation, combined with anti–PD-1 improves antitumor CD8+ T-cell fitness and tumor control, revealing a strategy that can be used to extend the benefits of anti–PD-1 therapy.

The master transcription factor MITF transcriptionally regulates eIF3B expression which, in turn, reprograms the translatome of specific mRNAs, including androgen receptor and MHC-I, leading to a targetable mRNA translation dependence that delays prostate cancer progression.

Temporal and spatial mapping of the immune landscape of breast cancer lung metastases identified a distinct TREM2+ macrophage population located at metastatic margins, that suppress antitumor responses, indicating a potential target for cancer immunotherapies.

A common TP53 gain-of-function mutation, R172H, forms a complex with BRD4, leading to increased expression of CSF-1 and ensuing tumor metastasis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, thereby opening a pathway for new therapeutic avenues.

Fibroblast transformation impacts the progression of oncogenic KRAS-driven colorectal cancer (CRC), resulting in VEGFA production that fuels angiogenesis, which unveils a potential therapeutic option for patients with mutant KRAS-driven CRC.

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