RAS-driven cancers comprise up to 30% of human cancers. RMC-6236 is a RAS(ON) multi-selective noncovalent inhibitor of the active, GTP-bound state of both mutant and wild-type variants of canonical RAS isoforms with broad therapeutic potential for the aforementioned unmet medical need. RMC-6236 exhibited potent anticancer activity across RAS-addicted cell lines, particularly those harboring mutations at codon 12 of KRAS. Notably, oral administration of RMC-6236 was tolerated in vivo and drove profound tumor regressions across multiple tumor types in a mouse clinical trial with KRASG12X xenograft models. Translational PK/efficacy and PK/PD modeling predicted that daily doses of 100 mg and 300 mg would achieve tumor control and objective responses, respectively, in patients with RAS-driven tumors. Consistent with this, we describe here objective responses in two patients (at 300 mg daily) with advanced KRASG12X lung and pancreatic adenocarcinoma, respectively, demonstrating the initial activity of RMC-6236 in an ongoing phase I/Ib clinical trial (NCT05379985).


The discovery of RMC-6236 enables the first-ever therapeutic evaluation of targeted and concurrent inhibition of canonical mutant and wild-type RAS-GTP in RAS-driven cancers. We demonstrate that broad-spectrum RAS-GTP inhibition is tolerable at exposures that induce profound tumor regressions in preclinical models of, and in patients with, such tumors.

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