William Anderson, MSc; Alexander Hardy, MBA; and Cindy Perettie, MBA, are highlighted


William (Bill) Anderson, MSc, became CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals in January, succeeding Daniel O'Day, MBA, who is becoming CEO of Gilead.

Most recently, Anderson was the CEO of Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche. He has also served in a variety of other roles at the companies, including head of North American operations and senior vice president of the BioOncology Business Unit at Genentech, and head of global product strategy for Roche Pharmaceuticals. Anderson has also worked at Biogen, Raychem Corporation, and Ethyl Corporation.


On March 1, Alexander Hardy, MBA, began his position as CEO of Genentech. Hesucceeds Bill Anderson. Most recently, Hardy was head of global product strategy at Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Previously, Hardy held other positions at Genentech, including senior vice president of the IMPACT business unit, vice president of HER2 sales and marketing, and vice president of anti-infectives. His career also involved a stretch working at Novartis.


Cindy Perettie, MBA, joined Foundation Medicine as its CEO in February, succeeding Troy Cox, MBA. Most recently, Perettie served as a senior vice president of global project strategy for Roche Oncology.

Prior to that, Perettie worked at Genentech, where she held positions such as team leader for bevacizumab (Avastin), vice president of global regulatory operations, and vice president of global product strategy for hematology. She also spent time at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville, TN. Earlier in her career, she worked at IVAX Pharmaceuticals and the Élan Corporation.

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