The Editors-in-Chief and Scientific Editors wish to acknowledge with sincere appreciation the assistance of the following reviewers who have generously contributed their time and efforts during the past year in the appraisals of manuscripts submitted to Cancer Discovery. These reviewers not only have been of inestimable help in assessing the merit of original articles but also, by their careful analysis and critique and their general and specific constructive recommendations, have often greatly enhanced the value of these manuscripts. The quality of the journal can be attributed in large measure to the quality of their effort. We are sincerely grateful.

Abate-Shen, C.A.

Agarwal, B.

Alessi, D.

Arumugam, T.

Barbacid, M.

Bartek, J.

Bast, R.C., Jr.

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Hemann, M.T.

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