Follicular lymphomas (FL) are spawned by elusive cancer precursor cells (CPC) that evade current therapies and thereby contribute to disease relapse. Schroers-Martin, Soo, Brisou, Scherer, and colleagues used sensitive liquid biopsy techniques to define the somatic genetic lesions of these CPCs to interrogate serial prediagnostic blood, saliva, and tissue samples collected from two large screening studies from patients who ultimately developed FL. In so doing, key recurrent somatic mutations in FL CPCs were identified with lesions in CREBBP's KAT domain as specific founder mutations of premalignant B-cell precursors detectable years before FL diagnosis.

See article, p. 1310.

The human pancreas is notoriously difficult to study due to rapid postmortem degradation and lack of indication to obtain tissue in the absence of disease. Utilizing a brain-dead organ donation pipeline to obtain disease-free pancreata with no warm ischemia time, Carpenter, Elhossiny, Kadiyala, and colleagues identified pancreatic cancer precursor lesions, known as...

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