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In T-ALL, a targetable SIRT1-KAT7 axis is revealed whereby NOTCH1 binding to an enhancer transcriptionally upregulates SIRT1, and SIRT1 promotes leukemia progression by deacetylating and activating KAT7.

An imbalance between activating and repressive ETS transcription factors transforms genomic GGAA tandem repeats into leukemia-specific enhancers that drive the unique gene expression signature of ETV6-RUNX1+ B-ALL.

Exosomes produced in the leukemia microenvironment inhibit CD8+ T cell-mediated antitumor immunity by immune checkpoint interactions and miRNA transfer sustaining CLL development in mouse models.

Novel mouse models of Myd88-driven DLBCL serve as preclinical platforms to evaluate combined BTK/BCL2 inhibition and immune-therapeutic approaches.

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