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Research Briefs

Combined anti-spike TCR repertoire and antibody titers reveal differential T- and B-cell responses in a large cohort of patients with B-cell malignancies after 2 and 3 doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines.

High-dimensional analysis of the tumor microenvironment identifies determinants of durable responses following CAR T therapy in myeloma.

A computational method improves personalized medicine screening that looks for the best therapy for individual patients across hematologic malignancies.

Research Articles

The functional genomic landscape of pediatric AML is mapped through multimodal drug, genomic, and transcriptomic profiling, and translated into clinical application for precision medicine.

Single-cell progenitor hierarchy at CMML identifies a monocytic-biased trajectory associated with disease progression, expanded by inflammation, and diminished by hypomethylation therapy.

SF3B1-mutant MDS-RS is associated with buildup of erythroid progenitor cells upregulating EIF2AK1-associated heme deficiency response and autophagy genes. Targeting EIF2AK1 relieves the dysregulated progenitor phenotype.

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