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Clonal hematopoiesis (CH) is associated with increased risk of CAR T cell–related inflammatory toxicities in patients with B-cell lymphoma, especially in CH driven by mutations in DNMT3A, TET2, or ASXL1.

Research Articles

CORENODE, a computational network decomposition algorithm, identifies an adaptive transcriptional mechanism of leukemia immune escape through combinatorial fluctuations of transcription factor expression.

Amplified EPOR/JAK2 with multi-hit TP53 lesions define a unique subtype of AEL showing extreme erythroid differentiation with activated STAT5 and aggressive clinical courses, for which a potential therapeutic role of JAK2 inhibition is suggested.

Han and Deng et al. show the relationship between follicular lymphoma tumor B-cell mutations and expression patterns, and associations with characteristics of tumor-infiltrating T-cell subsets.

Moderate deregulation of PU.1 can trigger malignant transformation of Tet2-deficient stem cells through epigenetic inactivation of a methylation sensitive PU.1 binding motif controlling a key myeloid differentiation program.

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