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Research Brief

A focal model of PV development reveals its invasion of distant organ sites, dependency on the spleen, and carbonic anhydrase 1 as a potential therapy target.

Research Articles

Loss of Ca2+ binding causes ER stress and creates a unique dependency on the IRE1α/XBP1 pathway in type I and not type II mutant CALR-driven MPNs

Multimodal single-cell profiling reveals clonal architecture and genetic drivers in the progression of MDS to AML.

Somatic signaling gene mutations occur frequently in MDS and undergo complex patterns of clonal evolution during progression to secondary AML. The presence of these mutations at MDS is associated with an increased risk of AML progression.

Genome-wide landscape of 5hmC and cellular phenotypes in human hematopoiesis uncover epigenetic programs governing expansion of TET2-mutant clones, which can be countered by Vitamin C and azacitidine, offering insights into the mechanisms of TET-dependent clonal hematopoiesis.

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