That the uterus is the most frequent primary site of tumours in the rabbit was shown by Polson (1927) and subsequently confirmed by Fardean (1931). In Polson's collected series of 67 tumours, including one which was added while the paper was in proof, 31, or 46 per cent, were primary in the uterus. In Fardeau's series of 73 tumours, 32, or 44 per cent, were uterine. Fardeau omitted 2 of Polson's series, but included 3 new instances, namely that of Rusk and Epstein (1927) and two unpublished tumours of Paine and Peyron. We now add 3 more reported cases (Watrin and Florentin 1930, Cutler 1934, and Twort 1937), together with an account of 5 new tumours from our own animals, bringing the number of recorded primary uterine tumours in the rabbit to 42. These are briefly as follows:

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